I’ve moved. Effective today, I have moved my license to Parker Realty Associates.

Same great agent.

Same great experience.

Same great sales initiative.

So why the move?

It is really a simple move for me to be honest. Shawn Parker Sr., broker and owner of Parker Realty Associates had started recruiting me about a decade ago. It wasn’t the right time then for various reasons. But when we started talking this time it just felt like home.

In the fall, we are going to be opening a Delaware, Ohio office and I’ll be part of the leadership to grow Parker’s brand in the greater north-central Ohio market. I’m excited

The biggest reason is that Parker Realty Associates is a commercial-focused real estate company. I’ll have more kindred spirits and opportunities to serve clients in the North Central Ohio area. I’ve been in real estate for a long time. Having had my own brokerage, and been with a “few” of the other brokerages from tiny offices to the largest in the world I’ve seen what the grass really looks like. I’ve completed hundreds of deals and assisted on probably a hundred more, but I never pretend to know it all. And the more commercial and equity marketing-focused folks in my corner the better for everyone one of my buyers, sellers, or tenants.

How to Reach Me?

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone / Text: (419) 618-8629
  • Brokerage Address: 4248 Tuller Road, Dublin, Ohio 43017
  • Delaware Office Address (effective 9/1): ** coming soon **