Ohio Commercial Real Estate Exchangors has opened the line to begin taking 2024 memberships.

Benefits of Joining OCREE

There are a lot of benefits of membership in OCREE.

In 2024, we will be having weekly meetings. The second and fourth Thursday of each month will be held in person at York Golf Club with no Zoom available that week. The other Thursdays will be held via Zoom. In-person meetings are held at York Golf Club at 7459 North High Street in Columbus. Coffee and a light breakfast are provided by a sponsor for each meeting.

Additionally, you’ll have access to the OCREE Listserv via simplelists. The listserv currently has 175 members on it and had 646 emails sent over the past year. We do not remove past members from the listserv, however, if a non-member sends a message to the listserv they will be charged the yearly membership fee.

For affiliates, the fourth Thursday is designated as affiliate’s day and is your opportunity to give your 2-3 minute elevator speech on what makes your business different than the others that provide similar services.

Please Note the Change in Dues

It appears at first glance that dues have doubled and they have. However, we have eliminated the $5 room fee for each week’s visit to the meeting. So instead of paying $50 and then $5 every meeting — you’ll just pay $100 for the year.

Another change is that dues will not be pro-rated over the course of the year. If you join in July, it is $100 for the rest of the year. The exception can be if a special offer is run or at the discretion of the treasurer and leadership team.

Membership Dues for 2024

  • Ohio Agent Membership: $100
  • Out-of-State Membership: $50 ($100 dues, but receive a 50% discount for being out of state.
  • Affiliate Membership: $150

Becoming or Renewing Your Membership

You have to complete the online Google form and submit it. Click here to open a new window.

You can pay online via Square or mail a check to us.

To pay online select the following option:

  • Affiliate Membership
  • Agent Membership (Ohio)
  • Agent Membership (Out of State)

To pay by check, please make it out to OCREE and send it to OCREE; c/o Toby Boyce; 115 Tar Heel Drive; Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Any questions or concerns please contact President Toby Boyce at 419-618-8629 or [email protected].