Talking About the Four Keys to Success

Richwood Bank is presenting a Connect Four Tour throughout Central Ohio this summer.

The event will highlight some great speakers and highlight the four keys to success — efficiency, friendly, trust, and style – that have made Richwood Bank what it is today. Lunch is provided at 11:30 a.m. and the presentation runs from Noon – 1 p.m.

  • June 20 – How Project Management Principles Can Improve ‘Efficiency’ Throughout Your Organization; Becky Dinova; Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce’s conference room.
  • July 11 – From ‘Friendly’ Leadership to Exceptional Customer Service: Cultivating Excellence; Heather Wirtz, Cris Hornick, Christi Jacobs; Richwood Bank’s Springfield branch.
  • July 18 – ‘Trust’ Fraud Fighters Forum: Strategies for Cyber & Financial Defense; Jamie Clark, Blair Beeney, Jim Blevins, Mike Gillen; Richwood Bank’s Operation Center.
  • August 8 – ‘Style’ is Substance: Why How We Do What We Do is the Only Thing That Matters; Bryan Cenky, Jordan Treadway, Matt Nichols, Stacey Pertuset; Richwood Bank’s Marysville branch.

Register online for one or all four of the events.

Image source: Richwood Bank

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